How to Avoid Snacking

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Need to know how to avoid snacking? Snacking is fine if done once in a while but if it becomes a habit it can make you gain, because of the calories, and are very much nutrient-less. However, if it has become a dominant part of your habits, then reducing it can be difficult. 😀

Putting down the urge

You can experience the urge to eat a snack any time of the day. But you are more vulnerable during the hours farthest from a meal.
Should you feel the appealing desire to smash a bag of crisps or down a bar of chocolate, you should know what to do to put down the sudden desire.
Certain things can be done when you experience the desire.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum can help you avoid divulging in a snack. It can engage your mouth, and the taste helps to curb down the desire of a snack. However, you should not be chewing gums too often as Sorbitol can have laxative effects.

Coffee or Tea

The caffeine can help you suppress your hunger or craving. It gives a boost of energy and Coffee or Tea can make you feel fresh. They can help you satisfy false hunger until the next meal. 😉


Exercise is good for the body and also helps to reduce cravings. It is a nice and effective way to subdue the desire for a snack. No more than a 15 minutes exercise can be good for the purpose.

Drink water

Nothing better than a nice and refreshing glass of water to remove the temptation for a snack. Water can help you feel full, eliminate false hunger, has no calories or guilt.

This can help you gain self-control, improve your skin, and better your health overall. Water is especially important if you’re eating a high-protein diet to curb hunger, because it is an essential part of its digestion. If you also getting more exercise, and drinking more coffee to help stop snacking, you’ll need it to avoid dehydration.

  • Carry a water bottle.
  • Make sure to drink a glass of water, or two, at a restaurant.
  • Try sparkling water.

Get some sleep

Sometimes lack of sleep can trigger false hunger. To avoid a late-night snack you should get to bed. Taking a nap can prove useful.

Get busy

Sometimes occupying yourself in some work or activity can help avoid the devil snack. Get engaged in your hobbies.

  • Play an active sport
  • Find a local gym
  • Sign up for martial arts or yoga classes
  • Go dancing
  • Do something that occupies your hands.


  • Clean the house
  • Call a friend
  • Go for a walk.

Have proper meals

Ideally your meals should be enough to satisfy your thirst. So, one of problems leading to improper eating is incomplete meals.

Eat three, well-rounded meals a day

Meals that have a variety of nutrients are more likely to satisfy the cravings your body has. It is very important to make sure your meals are balanced, so that you ensure you do not have cravings for snacks.

  • Make sure to consume quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates at lunch, not foods like fast food. These can help carry you hunger-free throughout the day.
  • Try to include foods like avocado. Avocados have been shown to help people feel full longer. Research has shown that people who eat an avocado during their lunch reported feeling nearly 25% more satiated after their meal

Be sure to eat breakfast:

Breakfasts that are high in protein were not only observed to increase satiety in the morning, they also helped people to feel fuller in the evening.

Try to eat at least 35 grams of protein with breakfast, in order to help you feel fuller throughout the day. Some ways you might work protein into your breakfast.

  • Include an egg.
  • Start your day with yogurt.
  • Have a protein shake.

Eat dinner later, and center your meals around foods like rice and beans, and meat

It is very important to time your dinner well, so that you have time to digest the food, but don’t end up hungry before you go to bed.

  • Eat soup.
  • Bulk up with a salad.
  • Add some soy. A compound in soy has been found to suppress the appetite. This can help to control your cravings.

Eat high-protein diets to help you feel full longer

Protein takes more time to digest. This can help your meal to last in your stomach. Check the labels on your food when comparing items in the grocery store. This will allow you to select foods to stave off hunger.

Choose fats that are better for your body

Such fats as those from nuts and olives can help you to feel full longer. Avoid saturated fats, as they can increase your desire to snack. Many junk food items are high in saturated fats, and they contribute to a vicious cycle of craving.

  • Fats have more calories per gram than any other macronutrient. That being said, they help sustain you and improve satiety greatly.

Make your meals longer

Take your time to chew your food to help ease digestion. It can also give your body time to let you know that you are full. Research indicates that people who chew more slowly feel less hungry. 😀

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